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Hollywood’s Biggest Enemy: An Update with Internet Villain “Kim DotCom” (Video)

Vandal Arts January 6, 2014 0


Megaupload founder KimDotCom is more than just an Internet mogul on the run from the long arm of the law in the USA. He’s literally a bigger-than-life “online villain.” I mean, the average ‘Net user could probably tell you that his site used to be the “go to” spot for watching pirated movies, but his persona is deeper than that. Aside from the media, he even paints himself as one of the world wide web’s most elusive anti-heroes.

“Do I have to go to jail for that? because I didn’t do it. I didn’t upload those things to Megaupload,” he said, according to a press release from CBS.”I was inspired by the James Bond movies, you know? Where, you know, some characters had private islands and super tankers converted into yachts and space stations and underwater homes.”

Read more at CBS

Watch the 60 Minutes clip below…

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