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‘Spring Breakers’ — How the Internet Made Harmony Korine’s Biggest Movie

Vandal Arts March 15, 2013 0

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Spring Breakers castJason Merritt, Getty Images

The most important work in the history of cinema opens in theaters today. No, not Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated. Spring Breakers, fool!

Filmmaker Harmony Korine’s latest masterwork arrives on the heels of so much hype that you would think it’s the next Citizen Kane. And hey, it just might be (ed note: we haven’t seen the film yet, because we’re not that ‘cool’).

But at this point, whether or not the film is worth the page views that have been amassed over it is beside the point. What matters is how the film came together and what it means for the future of movie-making.

Why? Because when you really analyze this film you quickly realize that it may be the first movie to ever be cast by the Internet, for the Internet. It’s basically Trolling: The Movie.

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